Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size are the socks?

A: All pairs currently come in US size 8-12.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! Signature Socks is happy to send our socks anywhere in the World. If your country does not appear within the sign up process, drop us a line at and we’ll arrange your subscription.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards, and some less major ones too! Our payment gateway is managed by eWay, who are awesome, check them out here if you like

Q: Are my credit card details safe?

A: They couldn’t be safer. Our payment gateway and site is fully secured for your peace of mind.

Q: Do I get to choose which socks that’ll be delivered?

A: No, it’s a surprise. We are constantly updating our styles and delivering the newest styles right to your door. Check out our stock options here to see the styles you could receive.

Q: How often will I receive my socks?

A: Once a month. After your initial delivery, you should receive your socks around the same date every month.

Q: How long after I subscribe will I get my socks?

A: We ship our socks out twice a month, so depending on the date you subscribed you shouldn’t wait any longer than 21 days for your socks. After that, you’ll receive them on or around the same date every month.

Q: If I move house how do I inform you of my new address?

A: When’s the moving in party? You can update your address by signing into your account here and updating your details via your dashboard.

Q: What happens if I forget my password?

A: Hmmm, we knew this would happen! Luckily, our computer geeks have the solution. Just click here and hit the ‘Forgotten Password’ link

Q: Where do you source your socks?

A: We constantly search the World for great quality socks that will give you that final flurish to your outfit. We source our socks from multiple countries and also work with some independent fashion start ups for new designs.

Q: I have been bought a gift voucher, how do I redeem it?

A: What a great gift! Claiming your gift subscription is simple. Click here and follow the steps that are printed on your voucher.

Q: I was gifted a subscription but have lost my voucher, can I still redeem it?

A: Of course you can. Drop us a line at with your name and the name of the very generous gift giver and we’ll send you the details you need to redeem the subscription.

Q: Does my subscription expire?

A: Your subscription will never expire with us; you’re a lifetime member!

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: As much as we hate to lose a member of the family, yes you can. Just drop us a note at and we’ll close your account. We’ll miss you.

Q: If my socks are damaged, how do I return them?

A: All socks leave Signature Socks HQ in great condition. Maybe the mailman is jealous of your stylish ankles. Send us a picture of the issue to and we’ll send you a new pair right away. Keep an eye on that postman!

Q: How can I become a supplier of Signature Socks?

A: This sounds exciting. Drop us a note at and we’ll talk.